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Mighty Weird: The Most Ridiculous Power Rangers Suits Ever

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Mighty Weird: The Most Ridiculous Power Rangers Suits Ever

The worldwide phenomenon that is Power Rangers has defined televised rainbow-colored spandex superheroics for an entire generation. Spawning countless rip-offs , toy lines, and now a gritty, grounded, big budget movie, the Rangers are here to stay. Throughout their 25-year history, the Power Rangers (or really, the Japanese “Sentai” series that most of the shows are based on) have been to space, the age of dinosaurs and back again more than a few times.

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As ridiculous as that sounds to normal people, the Rangers have always looked damn cool doing it. Well… most of the time. From giant shoulder pads to costumes that break the most basic rules of the Power Ranger dress code, check out the weirdest, funniest and just plain most ridiculous Ranger suits from the past quarter century.


power rangers time force

The 2001 iteration of the Power Rangers saw the trademark team of color-coded teenagers travel back in time from the year 3000 to prevent a mutant with half a face and a creepy goatee from messing up the timeline. Time Force’s outfits are pretty traditional by Power Ranger standards, if a little bland. That is, except for that one single glaring issue with their helmets. How do they see?

The weird theme of arrows or spades or whatever notwithstanding (why aren’t the female rangers allowed to have any angles in their costume designs?), these helmets make no sense. In every other version of the Power Rangers, the black part of the helmets were tinted windows from which the rangers view the world. Did that change with Time Force? Is everything they see tinted their ranger color because of the helmet? However you justify it, these suits are boring and ridiculous with the color swapped helmets.


dino super charge red ranger power rangers

The supercharged second season of these dinosaur-themed Rangers saw the already “meh” suit of the original Dino Charge Red Ranger get an absolutely ridiculous makeover. First things first, the weird hexagon design on the arms (are those supposed to be scales?) don’t make sense with the zigzag business happening on his lower half. So already this suit is pretty nonsensical, but then they added that totally obnoxious chest piece. He already has a t-rex head on his helmet, now there’s a bigger and goofier one on his chest. Four eyes on a Power Ranger suit is way too many.

Then there are the weird yellow spikes on the shoulder. Maybe they’re supposed to be some kind of acknowledgment of dinosaur feathers, but they look dumb. Power Ranger chest and shoulder decoration have always been a way to show that a Ranger was cooler and more powerful than the rest. But unlike the OG Green and White Ranger suits, this looks ridiculous.


shogun power rangers

While we’re on the subject of excessive power up modes, the Shogun Rangers from 2011’s “Power Rangers Samurai” were from feudal Japan and offered their shoulder pads and powers to the modern Samurai rangers. They also looked totally ridiculous. The suits took the already busier-than-necessary visor designs from the base Rangers and planted a gold spiked hood ornament on top of it.

It’s good that the Rangers always do their fighting in wide open spaces because that thing is a hazard to any power cables or clotheslines in the area. Oh, and you may not have noticed those shoulder pads but they some of the most ridiculous costume accoutrements to ever weigh down a Ranger’s poor shoulders. Hopefully, the actors and actress that had to wear these things got some deal on chiropractor visits; they certainly would have needed it if they had to wear the Shogun armor for more than five minutes.


power rangers jungle fury

The 2008 series “Power Rangers Jungle Fury” started with three jungle cat themed rangers but eventually added a pizzeria owner to their ranks as a Purple Wolf Ranger. The Jungle Fury suits as a whole are pretty darn awful, but the Wolf Ranger is definitely the least bad. That doesn’t mean it isn’t ridiculous though. Look, besides purple being a poor color choice for a Power Ranger to begin with, the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger’s costume just looks like a dude who decided to put on a helmet on his way to the gym.

Rocking a look that resembles gym shorts and a muscle tee, the Wolf Ranger adds a few Muay Thai touches like knee and elbow pads and some weird arm wrapping… things. Not only does this not fit with any of the themes of any of the other Rangers on his team but if it wasn’t for the animal themed helmet and the monochrome style, you wouldn’t even be able to tell he was a Power Ranger at all.


psycho rangers power rangers

Showing up in the 1998 series “Power Rangers in Space,” the Psycho Rangers were faster, smarter and stronger than their Power Ranger counterparts, but they were evil. They were created by the big bad of that season, Astronema, to hunt down and counter the fighting styles of the Rangers. They also look like what would happen if Tim Burton was given a really low budget to create his own version of Power Rangers.

The Psycho Rangers are all totally identical besides their respective colors. All have the same black body suits with “spooky” colored bits that look like cheap batwing Halloween decorations. Their helmets also featured squinty bug eyes, sharp additions to the Space Rangers’ silver mouth plates, and weird wing eyebrow things. Each Psycho Ranger also had an elemental monster form for zord fighting. Were they were monsters who appeared as Rangers or the other way around? Either way, these Psychos look pretty ridiculous.


power rangers mega force

“Super Megaforce” from 2014 was a hybrid of two Sentai series and was a continuation of the previous year’s Megaforce team. Megaforce had a standard Power Rangers story: teenagers given powers to fight monsters by a mystic mentor. This makes the decision to use the Space Pirate theme of the Sentai series interesting and unique, but also completely bonkers.

The Super Megaforce suits are actually awesome, from the the skull and crossbones logo to the absolutely fabulous jackets. Their helmets even look like those old timey pirate hats! However, so much awesomeness was made totally weird and irrelevant by Saban’s refusal to include any of that piratey goodness in the plot of the American series. Their Megazord was even made up of a flying pirate galleon and piloted with ship helm wheels! Even more ridiculous (but also kind of cool) are the Rangers’ ability to actually morph into any other team of Rangers from the show’s history.


power rangers lost galaxy

“Power Rangers Lost Galaxy” debuted in 1999 as the very first Rangers series to be based on totally new characters. Blending the animal theme with the previous seasons’ space setting could have made for some interesting and awesome suits. Alas, what we ended up with were a bunch of lumpy and squinting Charlie Browns.

Starting with the helmets, can anyone even tell what animals they’re supposed to represent? Blue, pink, and red especially look ridiculously similar… which is weird because they’re supposed to be cats and a gorilla. The lack of pronouncements on the helmets and tiny visors make these suits just plain bad. And then there’s the squiggle. Why? It’s so massive that it draws all the attention, and since it doesn’t make any sense, it makes these suits look ridiculous. Combined with the white chests, it looks like these Rangers are wearing an old shirt over their suits. Good grief.


magna guardian power rangers

Another hit for the Lost Galaxy series, the Magna Ranger is the sixth “Ranger” to join the team and looks totally ridiculous, especially next to the rest of the Rangers. His giant shoulders and cape are alright but the giant green hexagon in his chest stands out as really weird. As his zord is a bull, the horns on the helmet make sense, but not with all the other animal features of the other rangers are so subdued.

The horns could be really cool but are just plain ridiculous when he stands alongside the other rangers. The only thing that ties this suit to the other Rangers is the ubiquitous squiggle. Curse the squiggle. It doesn’t look quite as awful as it does on the main rangers but with everything else happening with this guy, it makes just about as much sense… which is to say, none.


power rangers RPM

Answering the burning question of what would happen if Power Rangers took place in a Mad Max style post-apocalypse, 2009’s “Power Rangers RPM” combined an animal theme with all manner of transportation. Animal and dinosaur themed planes, trains and automobiles made for some of the goofiest looking zords in the series’ history, but the Rangers’ suits made these automotive abominations look like classics in comparison.

The rangers have had car themes in the past but what makes the RPM Rangers so ridiculous is the way they combine the two. So many tires: on the helmets, on the arms and legs — it looks awful. And then, using headlights as the eyes for the animal helmets… ugh. It’s hard to tell without having an intricate knowledge of their morphing procedure but the silver strap bits are actually seatbelts. Safety first! Yes, even in a world where evil robots control the entire world and the only ones who can stand up to them are teenagers. Safety. First.



He’s not technically a Power Ranger but the sheer weird awfulness of the Blue Senturion lands him on the list. As part of the 1997 series “Power Rangers Turbo,” the Blue Senturion is part of the first car themed series of Rangers. An intergalactic android police officer, the Blue Senturion travels back in time to deliver a warning to the Turbo Rangers. Unfortunately, he looks more like a robot meter maid.

There’s not much about this guy that makes him look like he belongs in the Ranger universe. Plus, his suit is just insanely bad on every level. How do the bad guys not just laugh at him every time he rides into a fight? All those lights — especially on his shoulders — are goofy as all heck. And then he lights up and flashes you like the worst thing he’s going to do is give the giant monster a speeding ticket. At least this season got a cooler extra ranger in the form of the badass Phantom Ranger.


power rangers movie

The first instance of Rangers made by Americans for Americans, the 1995 “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie” featured the same characters and actors as the TV show from the same time. Weirdly, the events of the movie are never talked about again, with the TV series coming up with a totally different reason for the change in zords and the addition of all the ninja stuff.

In this apparent alternate reality, the Rangers’ suits are more armor-like than ever before. Crafted from metal and PVC, the costumes look much more badass than the spandex vibe of the TV show. That might just be the fog of nostalgia talking because take a look with clear eyes and you can see how these are some really ridiculous suits. Everyone is really bulked up, thanks to the trope of depicting muscles on superhero armor. Even the girl Rangers have cups built into their chest pieces. Their heads also look too big for their bodies thanks to those helmets. The bobblehead effect is worse for the Pink ranger. We hope Kim’s neck is ok.


power rangers movie

Speaking of Ranger movies, the latest big screen appearance of the Rangers has been divisive to say the least. Neither critics nor fans could seem to reach a consensus if this was a brave new step for the franchise or a cash-grabbing bastardization of the much beloved series. No matter how people felt about the cinematic quality of the movie, many more agreed about the suits. They looked ridiculous.

Taking the reboot in a modern, CGI direction, the suits look like something Michael Bay would have came up with if he took this project instead of Transformers. Removable visors, weird purple glowy parts and, of course, boob armor, make these suits like nothing else from the Ranger or even Sentai universes. It still remains to be seen if we’ll be seeing anymore of these suits in the future but here’s to hoping that if we do, they’ll come with a redesign before Tommy comes in.


power rangers zeo

After the first Power Rangers movie, the series saw a gradual decline in popularity, which led to a drastic change in the form of 1996’s “Power Rangers Zeo.” Throwing the dino and animal themed suits of the previous generations out the window and incorporating, uh, geometry… or something… into the design. Even though this season’s zords were all based on mythological beasts, the Zeo suits reflect none of them.

The suits themselves don’t look bad at all, the little gold designs look neat, but as soon as you look above the neck things get weird. Really, really weird. Whoever the Yellow Ranger pissed off to end up with that visor setup is a very vindictive person. Likewise, the Red Ranger better hope no bad guys come at him from below or one of the other angles where he has zero visibility. The Pink Ranger’s creepy cyclops visor also highlights the Zeo helmet’s ridiculously derpy mouths, too. Please Zeo Rangers, stop staring at us.


super megaforce gold power ranger

The sixth ranger is one of the longest running “Power Rangers” traditions, and usually comes decked out with some extra sweet powers, a badass zord, and if you’re lucky, a sweet chest piece with pointy shoulder pads. The aforementioned Super Megaforce Rangers tried to combine all the coolness of the previous 20 years of Sixth Rangers by giving their Silver Ranger the powers of all his predecessors. By combining them all at the same time, he transformed in the Super Megaforce Gold Ranger, the most ridiculous Sixth Ranger in history.

Nothing is all that wrong with the Silver Ranger’s costume on its own; even with the big honking chest piece slapped on it still could have been cool. Instead, the showrunners took things one step further by adding the faces of the other rangers like weird Power Ranger merit badges. The added nonsense of the suit’s anchor theme, which, like the rest of the Super Megaforce team, isn’t bad… until they ignore the whole theme in the plot and pretend a bunch of space pirate Rangers isn’t totally bananas.


ninja steel power rangers

Just when you thought the Rangers couldn’t come up with anything more outrageous as a gimmick for their Sixth Ranger, this guy shows up. Whether this is ridiculously awful or awesome has been debated by full grown adults who watch kid’s shows since “Power Ranger Ninja Steel” debuted in early 2017. While the ninja stars and other solid ninja motifs seen in the rest of the Rangers is present, the Ninja Steel Gold ranger goes full on ‘MURICA by blending in a poncho into his armor and a cowboy hat in his helmet.

A country music star in his day life, this Gold Ranger’s weapon is, of course, a guitar sword, and his zord rides into battle on a bull-shaped ATV. Because America. What’s really too bad though is, in the original Sentai series from Japan, the Gold Cowboy Ranger’s Morpher is literally a burger. Why this changed for the American series is a total mystery. Everyone loves burgers!

Which Power Rangers uniforms do you think were the most ridiculous? It’s comments time!

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