Marvel's New Cosmic Artifacts May Have a Major Impact on the Infinity Stones

The Marvel Universe is filled with all sorts of unique artifacts, from the unbreakable metals Adamantium and Vibranium, to cosmic items like the elusive Infinity Stones. The latter have had their profile raised in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, culminating in the release of Avengers: Infinity War.

Infinity Stones are at the center of Marvel's comic book event series Infinity Countdown, with heroes and villains pursuing the six stones for either ultimate power, or to keep that power from falling in the wrong hands. But what if there are other impactful artifacts being overlooked while everyone concentrates on the Infinity Stones?

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We might have gotten our first look at one such artifact in a preview of The Mighty Thor: At The Gates Of Valhalla #2. But instead of Jane Foster or the Odinson starring in the short story, it features future King Thor's three granddaughters: Frigg, Atli and Ellisiv.

Goddesses Of Thunder... And Time?

Thor's granddaughters first appeared in Thor: God of Thunder #18, and would go on to make additional guest-spots during writer Jason Aaron's run on the title. The three Goddesses of Thunder look up to their all-grandfather, which would explain why they've gotten the bright idea to find a way to travel back to the golden age of Thor.

While Frigg and Atli spend their time being free spirits, Ellisiv has researched Asgard's long history, looking for a way to bend time to their collective will. This is when we're introduced to gemstones called time diamonds, which look a lot like the MCU's Tesseract/Time Stone -- if only it were crushed into tiny pieces.

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Of course, with At The Gates Of Valhalla taking place in the far-flung future, it's quite possible the Marvel Universe Time Stone has multiplied to the point where it's now hundreds of small diamonds. Also, as the beginning of the issue displayed, the time diamonds work, as the sisters were transported to what appears to be a Viking village ravaged by trolls.

Frigg, Ellisiv and Atli may only be attempting to witness their grandfather's past adventures as the Mighty Thor, but their trip through time could have lasting repercussions that ripple to not only their future eons from now, but the current-day as well. There is also the possibility the Goddesses of Thunder wind up stuck in another part of history -- after all, it's not like they know how to harness the power of the time diamonds.

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If the time diamonds really are connected to the Infinity Stones, Mighty Thor's one-shot could be more important than anyone realizes. Do the events of Infinity Countdown result in the creation of the time diamonds? Or, have the time diamonds always existed in the Marvel Universe and no one has discovered them. Hopefully, The Mighty Thor: At The Gates Of Valhalla #1 will provide those answers.

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