Mighty Thor Gets a Proper Sendoff - But What Does it Mean for Jane Foster?


The following contains spoilers for The Mighty Thor #706 by Jason Latour, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson. 

It finally happened. Following a lengthy battle with cancer that was exacerbated by the magical power of Mjolnir slowly killing her, Jane Foster tied the mythical hammer to the evil Mangog and sent them into the heart of the sun, thereby killing both her enemy and herself.

The Mighty Thor... is dead.

But this is not the end. When Mighty Thor #706 opens, Jane has found herself in Valhalla, where all noble warriors go upon death. As she stands at the gates, Odin joins her, berating her for his slights against her alter ego before begrudgingly opening the gates for her to find peace. Though Jane is awestruck at just how beautiful the view of the hallowed land is, she knows that she can't cross the threshold; despite the risk she made in taking Mjolnir to fight, she wasn't ready to die. And just as she isn't ready to die, her friends aren't ready to give up on her.

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In the real world, the lack of Mjolnir is causing the skies to blacken as the thunderous power of the powerful God Tempest emerges. An enraged Odinson dares it to strike him, who uses it to try and resuscitate Jane. Even when his Uru arm is melted to a stump, he still tries to use the lightning to save his friend, calling back to the first issue of Jane's book by declaring she has "thunder in her veins." It takes the combined power of Odin and Odinson to wield the powerful lightning and bring the Goddess of Thunder back. With each attempt, Jane in Valhalla muses about the future she wanted for herself. "I know I had more to give," she says. "I wish I'd had just one more... peal of thunder."

And it's there, in the name of Asgard and Thor, that father and son do the impossible and revive Jane. For the first time in a long time, Jane put her faith in the gods and had it rewarded by them literally giving her the gift of life.

Days pass as Old Asgard is reconstructed by the survivors of the Mangog's attack. Jane and Odinson walk together as she helpfully informs him (and the audience) that she's going to her chemo treatments now at the insistence of Roz and Frigga. With Mjolnir gone, the cancer is all that's on her mind, and she knows that she'll beat it. But Odinson remains dejected at having truly lost his old weapon, even if he considers it to be a "worthy death." He's convinced that he'll now forever be confined as the unworthy prince of Asgard, and in his newfound maturity, he's come to accept that the age of Thor has passed. But that clearly can't be how either of their arcs end, since this is a story about faith above all else, and Jane reminds him as such when she gives him a pebble of what used to be Mjolnir.

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