Mighty Thor Final Issue Preview Kicks Off Jane Foster's Next Story

mighty thor 706

The Mangog, the "manifest vengeance of a billion billion murdered souls," has been vanquished, chained to Mjolnir and cast into the sun. However, without the enchanted hammer, Jane Foster is no longer the Mighty Thor, goddess of thunder, but instead a mere mortal, who finally succumbs to cancer.

In the preview for Marvel Comics' The Mighty Thor #706, the conclusion of the series, writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman take Jane to the gates of Valhalla, the hall of the slain. But before she can enter, she has one more encounter with Odin, who has a bone or two to pick with her.

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"It was you all along!" he bellows in the preview. "You stole the hammer! You robbed my son of his birthright! His very name!" Yet even an angry All-Father has to recognize Jane's sacrifice.

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Although this issue, on sale Wednesday, April 25, marks the end of The Mighty Thor, Aaron won't remain away from Asgard for long. The writer reunites with artist artist Mike Del Mundo in June to launch Thor, starring Thor Odinson, as part of Marvel's Fresh Start initiative. The new series will follow the hero as he tracks down missing Asgardian artifacts on Earth.

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