How Mighty Thor Made Galactus and Ego the Living Planet Even Stronger

Galactus Butcher of Worlds Necrosword

Writer Jason Aaron's lengthy run on Thor has introduced more and more pieces of the Marvel Universe, such as powerful beings like King Thor. But along the way, Marvel's mythological Avenger has also paved the way to a massive potential future where the most powerful beings in the universe have somehow even become more powerful.

This includes cosmic powers like Galactus and Ego the Living Planet, both of whom got massive power boosts thanks to All-Black during the days of King Thor. Now, we're taking a closer look at this dark future and what exactly led to one of Marvel's most terrifying timelines.

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Hailing from a distant possible future of the Marvel Universe, King Thor is the ruler of Asgard and one of the most powerful beings in the universe. His life was very similar to that of the Thor from Earth-616, and he even seems to believe that his reality is, in fact, the future for the mainline Thor. In this distant future, Loki was swayed back to evil and eventually annihilated all life on Earth just to spite his brother, and this turned Thor into a harsher man, more akin to Odin than he'd ever been.

Although the modern Thor battled Gorr in the present day and his past, King Thor first encountered All-Black the Necrosword when it was wielded by Gorr to conquer Asgard and kill Thor's son Woden. However, King Thor, Marvel's main Thor and his brash past self were able to stop Gorr from killing every god in existence. The old Thor lived on after the battle, helping resurrect Midgard with the help of his granddaughters (Frigg, Ellsiv, and Atli) and fighting alongside a Phoenix empowered Wolverine against the machinations of a returned Doctor Doom.

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The All-Black is a much more dangerous weapon than one would ever dream of when it's outside of Gorr's hands. Later comics revealed that the All-Black is in actuality first symbiote, created by the dark god Knull and tempered in the corpse of a Celestial. It was turned into his blade during Knull's assault on the newly born universe before being known as the Necrosword and the Godslayer.

When Knull was defeated, the blade left and bonded to Gorr, giving him his abilities and strength. The blade was believed lost for a time, although it would eventually end up in the hands of Malkeith in the present day, who used it in his attempts to win the War of the Realms.


King Thor would eventually be forced to use the Necrosword himself in battle in the distant future. When an old Galactus came to Earth in an attempt to consume it, King Thor and his family fought back against him. The All-Black almost corrupted Thor, convincing him to attack Galactus full on. The blade was seemingly destroyed in the battle, but it proved enough to give King Thor the advantage he needed to push Galactus back away from the world. However, the Necrosword really infected Galactus, bonding to him. The symbiote drove Galactus away from being a force of nature and made him a far more malicious force in the galaxy. He became Black Galactus the Butcher of Worlds.

He was eventually stopped by Ego the Living Planet, who had likewise lived into the far future. In fact, Ego had been able to spread his species of sentient planets across the galaxy. Unfortunately, some of his grandchildren ended up among Galactus' casualties. Ego went to war with Galactus over this, attacking him despite the All-Black empowering Galactus. But when Galactus got too close to Ego, the All-Black spread to Ego and transformed him into Ego the Necroworld. Empowered by the symbiote overtaking his celestial body, Ego was able to turn the tide of the battle and devour Galactus himself.

Transformed into a new monstrous and ravenous cosmic creation, Ego traveled the cosmos and consumed many of the few remaining forces in the universe, including the future galactic union known as the Kree'Ar Empire and well as the last of the Celestials. However, the one foe Ego couldn't eventually defeat turned out to be Loki. By tricking Ego into expelling his own body in an attempt to kill him, Loki was able to steal the All-Black from Ego and take it for himself, becoming Loki the All-Butcher, one of the most deadly and fearsome versions of the god from across the entire multiverse.

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