Mighty Mouse Live-Action/Animated Hybrid Film in the Works at Paramount


Mighty Mouse is coming to save the day once again, but he's jumping off the page to do so in a new cinematic adaptation, as the pint-sized rodent superhero is set to star in his own feature film through Paramount.

Writing tandem of Jon and Erich Hoeber are signed on to write the screenplay for Paramount Animation. The film will be a mix of live-action and animation, produced by Karen Rosenfelt (the Twilight movies) and Robert Cort (Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventureSave the Last Dance).

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Mighty Mouse has been an icon in pop culture since the 1950s, appearing in cartoons, comics and commercials. Starting out as Super Fly and then later Super Mouse, he was a parody of Superman -- who was flying high on TV and in Max Fleischer shorts at the time -- created by Isadore '‘Izzy’' Klein. His instantly recognizable theme song became part of Andy Kaufman's stand-up routine in later years.

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The Hoebers are known for Red and Red 2. Their most recent credit was The Meg, which made quite a splash last summer. Rosenfelt is responsible for 2006's Charlotte's Web and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, films with a similar bend to Mighty Mouse in terms of their animal characters and a mutual hybrid of animation and live actors.

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From the original Jumanji to Three Men and a Baby, co-producer Robert Cort has a history with family-friendly comedies and action, so he could bring the right sensibility to the beloved muscular rodent.

(via Deadline)

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