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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Panel Brought the Mega-Fun to NYCC

by  in Comic News Comment
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Panel Brought the Mega-Fun to NYCC

Due to some crummy weather on the last day of New York Comic Con, the panelists of BOOM! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers presentation found themselves trickling in throughout the hour. Luckily, that didn’t dampen the spirits of the attendees, who really enjoyed not only the books, but also the anecdotes from editor Dafna Pleban, Director of Global Consumer Products, Saban Brands Jason Bischoff, “Pink” writer Tini Howard, colorist Sarah Stern and “Pink” artist Daniele Di Nicuolo.

As CBR exclusively debuted worldwide, the major news of the panel appeared in the form of Jamal Campbell’s Green Ranger-themed cover for “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” #9. Beyond that, the assembled panelists offered a variety of stories and looks behind the curtain for MMPR fans to dig into.

First, every single person on stage admitted to being a longtime Power Rangers fan. Bischoff  — who just started this job seven months ago — remembered getting the Red Ranger action figure before the series even debuted on Fox. That prompted Stern to bring out her own classic Pink Ranger figure, which eventually found its way into Di Nicuolo’s shirt pocket.

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Given the high concentration of panelists working on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink,” the conversation quickly turned towards that book. “I always loved Kim,” Howard said. “The fact that she wore pink and liked fashion and scrunchies never kept her from being a kick-butt chick. She was never relegated to the simple ‘girl’ role. She didn’t have to be kidnapped all the time.”

“It’s not like the show, where they’re jumping around. I can control them better when they’re Power Rangers,” Howard later said of why she enjoys writing the team’s comic book adventures. “I got to jump in and be part of a team — what’s more Power Rangers than that?” Howard joined initial writers Kelly Thompson and Brendan Fletcher who she both respects and appreciates for their continued assistance. “Sometimes you think something’s a two-person job and it’s a three-person job,” she explained of her addition to the series.

Thanks to subway problems, Di Nicuolo also arrived late, but his enthusiasm for this world could easily be felt as soon as he spoke. “I don’t know what to say,” Di Nicuolo said “I’m so excited. It’s like a dream.”


“This guy is the ‘Mighty’ in Mighty Morphin,” Bischoff said. “Some days we will submit an approval on the roughs for 20 pages and on Monday they’ll be perfectly rendered 20 pages. I’ve never seen an artist who works as fast as this. He is a monster.”

“I never get tired looking at Daniele’s work,” Stern said after revealing that she spends hours staring at the art while coloring.

To capture the look of “Pink,” Stern joked, “I chiefly used ‘pink.’ It’s a really bright world.” Stern added that she likes to use a palette that mixes “realistic color and fun kid show.” That came through in the look of longtime villain Goldar. “He’s a fancy cat, he needs to look good,” she said. Speaking of the lion-faced bad guy, Bischoff noted that the recently published “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual” touched on his origins, along with those of his brother, Silverback.

On the subject of somewhat obscure characters, Bischoff said that part of his job revolves around figuring out where the series can go with the BOOM! team. “We are stupidly spoiled to be working with these people,” he said.

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“We have so many questions with continuity,” Pleban said. “Jason was instrumental in helping us work those out.” They both mentioned a few specifics in that regard like the presence of Goldar’s wings which disappeared from time to time during the early seasons and what could be done with the Sword of Light.

“For us BOOM takes place in a perfect pocket universe,” Bischoff said, referring to the presence of cell phones and other updates. “There’s something going on in the mainline series in regards to issue #11 and we’re reviewing right now. There’s a thingie in 11 that’s been a tentpole in Power Rangers for a very long time. We’re playing with some continuity that made me feel uncomfortable in the best way.” While he gave no more details about the specific item, he did mention a possible workaround:”What if this item didn’t come from our universe.”

Other teases for “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” include the appearance of Typhonis, a villain consisting of pieces of destroyed Megazords. “It was fun to do Typhonis,” Di Nicuolo said. “We did something that was more like a monster.”

Over in “Pink” Pleban teased, “You might see the return of some old favorites in a new and unexpected way. You’ll see a non-traditional Power Rangers team that still feels like a Power Rangers team.”

“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” #8 hits stands on October 26 with #9 landing on November 23.

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