Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Reveals Why Every Ranger Is In Danger

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 by Kyle Higgins and Daniele Nicuolo, available now.

Last month’s much-discussed start to BOOM! Studios' "Shattered Grid," the crossover between the publisher's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Go Go Power Rangers that coincides with the franchises 25th anniversary, rocked not just the Power Rangers to their core, but also radically changed the dynamic of the team.

Coping with the death of their teammate (and perennial fan-favorite character) Tommy at the hands of his future self Lord Drakkon, the remaining Power Rangers find themselves grieving while also facing the arrival of a mysterious new Ranger, Jen Scotts. But while they’re trying to move forward, in this week's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26, readers finally get a look at Lord Drakkon’s plan for the fragmenting Morphin Grid, and it may radically redefine the power in Power Rangers.

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After a jaunt to another fragmented Earth, that of the team from Power Rangers Samurai, we finally discover what is in store for Ninjor, who Drakkon has captured in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25. By using the Samuraizers stolen from the defeated Samurai team and knowledge stolen from Ninjor, Drakkon’s ally Finster-5 is able to channel the energies of their Morphin Grid into Drakkon. Not only does Drakkon gain an increase in power, his costume also begins to take on aspects of these new powers, with his shield modifying slightly to resemble the Power Rangers Samurai uniform.

Drakkon’s plan is scary enough as it is: traverse the breaking universe and absorb components of the Morphin Grid to make himself stronger. But Finster-5 reveals the ease of it, making the plan all the more terrifying. After working with the Samuraizers, Finster-5 discovers he doesn’t need every morpher from every team to absorb their power as originally believed... he only needs one. Using more than one would actually render Drakkon’s powers unstable, but the extra morphers can be used to create more Sentries similar to those we’ve already seen, granting Drakkon even more soldiers for his world-conquering army.


The idea of one person absorbing the powers of the entire Morphin Grid is a new one, so it becomes hard to gauge exactly how strong Drakkon could become. Only one close approximation has existed in the lore of Power Rangers, and for that you have to go back to the last anniversary season, Power Rangers Super Megaforce. The gimmick for this season was a super mode enhanced by special Ranger Keys which allowed the team to summon the powers and gear of past Rangers. Notably, the team included the extraterrestrial Orion as the Silver Ranger, Super Megaforce's Sixth Ranger.

Orion favored keys of the series’ Sixth and Extra Rangers, such as Mighty Morphin's Green, Time Force's Quantum and Zeo's Gold Rangers. These Rangers informed his final attack Legendary Final Strike, where Orion would summon the spirits of the Sixth Rangers to attack an enemy. The move is portrayed as inherently devastating, even by the standards of typical Power Rangers final strikes. There have been a lot of devastating final attacks in Power Rangers, but to top Orion's you'd have to start going into Zord territory, and he was only channeling the power of 15 individual Rangers.

Drakkon stands to absorb the Morphin Grid and the powers of the 25 existing Rangers teams... if not more. After all, Power Rangers Super Megaforce didn't just feature the previous 20 years of characters, it also featured Super Sentai characters from seasons predating Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as "Rangers from another world."  If he succeeds, then Drakkon would absolutely be the most powerful character, hero or villain, to appear in the history of Power Rangers.

Shattered Grid continues in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual #1, on sale April 25.

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