"Mighty Avengers" Gets Francavilla-Illustrated "Original Sin" Teaser

Marvel's second Biblically-tinged "Original Sin" teaser of the week focuses on how the story will affect the Al Ewing-written, Greg Land-illustrated ongoing "Mighty Avengers" as of May's issue #10, with a teaser by the industrious Francesco Francavilla, seemingly flashing back to the past of the series.

"Each 'Original Sin' tie-in is self-contained story that explores how a deep dark secret, unleashed in the aftermath of Uatu's murder, turns the life of an individual character upside-down," Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told CBR News in February. "So for readers of each title, each tie-in is a mini-event: 'TMZ' meets the Marvel Universe."

Hickman Reveals the "Avengers'" "Original Sin"

"Original Sin," Marvel's 2014 line-wide event, is scheduled to start in May. Check back with CBR News on Wednesday for more on how "Original Sin" will affect "Mighty Avengers."

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