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Mighty Avengers #36

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Mighty Avengers #36

“Mighty Avengers” ends not with a kaboom or a whimper, but rather with a celebration of all things Pym, from Ultron to Jocasta to the Infinite Mansion, lovingly crafted by Dan Slott. The “Siege” facing faction of the Mighty Avengers make an appearance here, drop a little spoiler on the “Siege” story in the process, but mostly stay out of Pym’s way.
Pym is trying his damnedest to rectify his sins and to restore his former wife to life, but those heroic efforts are halted by Ultron, who insists on confronting his “father” for the final (yeah, right) time.
As a going away present to both Khoi Pham and the readers, Slott has Pym summon the Avengers from across time and space via Pym-Wave. The end result is a beautiful shot drawn by Pham that includes Avengers as divergent as Black Widow with her bob hairstyle and gray high-collared suit to Rick Jones, Stingray, and Justice among many others.
Slott and Pham finish this series the way they began it, playing up things in the Avengers fashion: high cosmic drama, grandiose superheroics, enjoyable characters, and plenty of fanboy (and fangirl) fist-pumping moments. Best of all, the duo doesn’t mail in this issue. Quite the opposite, Pham draws things he never had a chance to do to this point, like Pym bursting forth through a thousand Jocastas, Ultron bringing the attitude, and the machinations of Underspace. Slott and Pham cement their time on “Mighty Avengers” into my consciousness as some of the most Avenger-y stories to come from the House of Ideas since Kurt Busiek stopped writing the adventures of the Avengers.
With the pending release of “Secret Avengers,” “New Avengers,” “Avengers,” and “Avengers Academy,” it saddens me to see that neither Slott nor Pham are involved in any of those plans. This book was pure Avengers – it may not have had the most prolific characters, but those characters fought for ideals they held dear, and found ways to endear themselves to the readers just as “Avengers” used to do when characters like Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Quicksilver, Falcon, Moondragon, Tigra, Starfox, and Black Knight first joined up.
This may not be the greatest era of Avengers history, but in my opinion, it’s one of the most fun, most enjoyable eras, and it is the one in my back issue collection I’ll most likely return to again.