Comic Book Thief Leaps Through 2nd Floor Window to Escape Authorities

midtown comics

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s actually just a guy who jumped through a window after trying to steal a comic book. So, like pretty much the opposite of Superman.

According to a report from Pix 11, the daring daylight caper took place at the Times Square Midtown Comics in New York City. Apparently, a 24-year-old man who was trying to steal a comic book tried to avoid the shop’s security by taking the most direct route – right through a second story window.

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Naturally, the man was injured and transported to Bellevue Hospital, but not before he tried to scrabble his way to a nearby van. He was taken into custody by police before he could get away. The main motivation for the attempted robbery is unknown, as is the title of the comic that would warrant such drastic (and costly) egress.

Midtown Comics’ Times Square location is the largest comic book shop in the world. The Times Square location, just one of three retail shops (the chain also as an online shop), opened in 1997. The store is massive and frequently hosts signings and celebrity appearances. While the size of the store might lead some thieves to think it an easy mark, that assessment is… up in the air.

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