Midnight Vista #3

Story by
Art by
Clara Meath
Colors by
Mark Englert
Letters by
Taylor Esposito
Cover by
AfterShock Comics

Barely escaping a life imprisoned inside the walls of a paddded psychiatric hospital, Oliver Flores has been kidnapped…again! Except this time it wasn’t done by interdimensional aliens. It was done by his own mom, Marisol Flores. Drugged up and groggy, Oliver regains consciousness and is reunited with his mother for the first time in nineteen years. The two share tender moments and crucial information, but they must hurry. The entire Albuquerque Police Department, along with the mysterious “Strangers in Black,” are looking for them.

Based on a true story from writer Eliot Rahal (HOT LUNCH SPECIAL), with out-of-this-world art from Clara Meath, MIDNIGHT VISTA will make you believe in little grey men.

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