Middleton's "Dark Knight III" Variant Features Wonder Woman, Carrie Kelly

Josh Middleton has revealed his contribution to DC Comics' retailer variant cover program for "Dark Knight III: The Master Race."

The artist shared his cover, which prominently features Wonder Woman and Carrie Kelly in full Robin mode, this morning via his personal blog.

"I was asked to include female characters, but I only read THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS as a teenager and spared myself the sequel, so I was only familiar with the Carrie Kelly Robin," Middleton reveals in his post. "My editor suggested THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN's Wonder Woman, so that is what we have here."

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Middleton's cover will be available through Madness Games & Comics in Plano, TX.

The variant is the latest reveal from the line of alternate covers announced by DC. Other artists contributing variant covers to the project include Dave Gibbons, Lee Bermejo, Rafael Albuquerque, Tyler Kirkham, Klaus Janson and Eduardo Risso.

The sequel to the seminal "Dark Knight Returns" and its follow-up "The Dark Knight Strikes Again," "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" is written by Frank Miller, the architect of the "Dark Knight" universe, and Brian Azzarello, with art primarily from Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson, the latter whom inked Miller's art in the original story. "The Dark Knight III: The Master Race" #1 is scheduled for release on Nov. 25.

All said, over thirty retailers are participating in this program. In addition to the artwork below, DC Comics has released the full list of stores and artists involved in the initiative.

  • BuyMeToys.com - Gary Frank
  • Newbury Comics - Michael Allred
  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - Paul Pope
  • Books-A-Million - Rafael Albuquerque
  • Silver Snail - Francis Manapul
  • Hypno Comics - Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Borderlands Comics and Games - Klaus Janson
  • Graham Crackers Comics - Darwyn Cooke
  • Yesteryear Comics - Jason Fabok
  • Third Eye Comics - Brian Bolland
  • M&M Comics Service - Dave Dorman
  • Legacy Comics and Cards - Artgerm
  • Dynamic Forces - Jae Lee
  • Midtown Comics - Greg Capullo
  • Midtown Comics - Marc Silvestri
  • Rebel Base Comics & Toys - Sean Murphy
  • Lone Star Comics - John Cassaday
  • Dragon's Lair - Ivan Reis
  • Tate's Comics + Toys + More - Kevin Eastman
  • Cards, Comics & Collectibles - Amanda Conner
  • Diamond UK - Jock
  • Forbidden Planet Limited - Adam Hughes
  • AOD Collectibles - Dale Keown
  • JScottCampbell.com - J. Scott Campbell
  • Heroes and Fantasties - Tim Sale
  • Yancy St. Comics - Kelley Jones
  • Zapp! Comics - Terry Dodson
  • Madness Games & Comics - Joshua Middleton
  • Ssalefish Comics - John Romita, Jr.
  • Lange's Sports - David Finch
  • Disposable Heroes Comics - Simon Bisley
  • Phantom - Walter Simonson
  • Hastings - Tyler Kirkham
  • Beyond Comics - Eduardo Risso
  • Instock Trades - Lee Bermejo
  • Discount Comic Book Service - Neal Adams
  • Bulletproof Comics - Gabriele Dell'Otto

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