Mid-Sized Comic Cons - What Impact Do They Have on the Comic Industry?

Over on his CBR forum, Stuart Saygar has an interesting post, discussing rumors that perhaps Wizard would be discontinuing (and, again, these are all rumors here - this is not to discuss whether they ACTUALLY will, but rather, what the impact would be if they DID) their conventions in Los Angeles and Dallas.

Couple this with the MidOhioCon ending, and other (less talked about, so probably less substantial) rumors about the future of the Wizard Philly con and the Pittsburgh ComicCon, and it looks like the the "Mid-Major" comic conventions of the world are suffering a bit, in comparison to the growing success of the bigger comic conventions, particularly New York ComicCon and San Diego's Comic-Con International.


So the question is - would this have a substantial impact upon the comic industry? Saygar goes on to say:

I have to wonder what kind of impact this could have on the hobby as a whole... For me it would be 5 fewer appearances in 2009. But I travel a lot. Many fans attend only one or two major conventions in a year. What happens to them...? I've always thought that the fantastic social atmosphere of the conventions is a great reason for the strength of this hobby.

He then cites the impact he feels the amount of comic store closures in the mid-90s had upon the industry, and basically argues that the collapse of the "Mid-Majors" might have a similar impact.


I think it is an interesting question, but I just don't think we know enough about the impact of these big (but not HUGE) comic conventions upon the industry for me to discuss it in any quantifiable terms. But I thought it would help if you folks would share your thoughts, and then maybe I'd have a better idea. So what kind of impact do you folks think they have?

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