GCX Holdings LLC announced today that it has reached an agreement to merge Mid-Ohio-Con with Ohio Comic Con. The new Mid-Ohio-Con will bring together the best that both conventions have to offer with respect to special guest list, programming, schedule, venue, and organizational teams. Mid-Ohio-Con 2008 will take place on the weekend of October 4â€"5 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.

"I couldn't be more excited about this development," said James Henry, Managing Director of GCX Holdings, which recently acquired Mid-Ohio-Con. "I strongly believe that Mid-Ohio-Con and Ohio Comic Con will be far better together than they would be separately. This combination is a great outcome for everybody involved, including our creative guests, retailers and other exhibitors, and especially the loyal fans who have attended Mid-Ohio-Con year after year."

"We are very happy to be combining Ohio Comic Con with Mid-Ohio-Con," said Teresa Colegrove, Co-Founder of Ohio Comic Con and Packrat Comics. "Our primary goal in forming Ohio Comic Con was always to ensure that there was a great convention in our home state, and we've certainly accomplished that with the combination of our two events. We have lots of new ideas that we're looking forward to contributing to this year's Mid-Ohio-Con."

"I'm certainly pleased to see this combination take place," said Roger Price, Founder of Mid-Ohio-Con. "Our new team has a lot of energy and enthusiasm as well as innovative ideas and I'm look forward to working with them on this year's event. We've just launched our new web site and stay tuned in the coming weeks for news about additions to our guest list for Mid-Ohio-Con 2008, as well as some exciting new additions to our programming schedule."

Also announced today is the official launch of the new web site, www.midohiocon.com, and the opening of professional registration for Mid-Ohio-Con 2008. The new site will be the primary source for all things related to this year's Mid-Ohio-Con, including details on featured guests, registration forms, and information about show dates, venue, and other key areas of interest for attendees, exhibitors, and guests.

"We have an outstanding list of featured guests signed up for this year's event, including film fan favorite Jason Mewes, and many celebrated and legendary comic creators," said James Henry, Managing Director of GCX Holdings. "We're excited about expanding that list substantially in the coming months, so stay tuned to the new web site for more announcements about our guest list, programming schedule, and other developments."

"The show floor in Exhibition Hall E will accommodate more than 200 Exhibitor booths for retailers, publishers, manufacturers, and service providers and nearly 100 Creators' Common tables for artists, writers, actors, and other guests," said Bill Henry, Creative Director of GCX Holdings. "Since we announced this year's new dates, the inquiries have been flooding in from prospective exhibitors, so we're pleased to now have registration formally under way."

About Mid-Ohio-Con

Now entering its 28th year, Mid-Ohio-Con is one of America's longest-running and most successful pop culture conventions. Each year, Mid-Ohio-Con brings fans of all ages together with leading comic book writers and artists, film and television creators and stars, as well as publishers and retailers from across the nation. Mid-Ohio-Con 2008 will be held on October 4â€"5 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Mid-Ohio-Con can be found online a www.midohiocon.com.

About Packrat Comics

Established in 1993 by Jamie and Teresa Colegrove, Packrat Comics is a family owned and operated full-service specialty comic shop with two locations serving central Ohio. Working with local schools to promote comics as both an art form and educational tool, Packrat Comics strives to provide its community with a fun, family-friendly atmosphere where children of all ages can enjoy this wonderful medium. Packrat Comics can be found online at www.packratcomics.com.

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