Microsoft Announces Project Scarlett Console, Release Date

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At the end of its E3 press conference today, Microsoft officially unveiled its heavily-rumored next-gen console, code-named Project Scarlett.

As announced in Microsoft's official reveal trailer, the console will be released at the end of next year in the Holiday 2020 window as the successor to the Xbox One.

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The console will feature a plethora of advances, including the ability to display 120 frames-per-second, 8k graphics, a solid state drive, and ray-tracing, among other features. According to the reveal trailer, the console will reportedly be 40 times as powerful as the Xbox One X and will mark the end of the lengthy loading screens that have plagued gamers for decades. The trailer also touted a degree of cross-platform and cross-device play that has been previously unseen.

During the press conference, Microsoft also confirmed that Halo Infinite will be a launch title for the console.

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Despite these early details, there are still several unknown about the console. Since the Xbox One X was originally introduced to the world as "Project Scorpio," "Project Scarlett" most likely won't be the console's final name. Microsoft also held off from showing the actual console hardware today.

While Microsoft did not explicitly confirm how backwards-compatible the console would be, the reveal trailer for the console teased "four generations of content that look and feel unlike anything before."

Microsoft's Project Scarlett console is set to launch in Holiday 2020.

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