'Micronauts' to be published by Image

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA - SEPTEMBER 28, 2001 - At last weekend's Mid-Ohio Con,

Devil's Due creative director Josh Blaylock announced that his studio

would be producing a brand new Micronauts series to be published through

Image Comics.

This announcement was confirmed by Image VP-Publisher Jim Valentino, who

added, "This will be an on-going, full-color, bi-monthly series,

tentativey scheduled to begin in April, 2002. Josh's track-record on

G.I. Joe, which has shipped two issues early, should give retailers

confidence that the Micronauts will ship on time, every time."

A creative team has been chosen for the title, although Devil's Due is

waiting to finalize a few minor details with the team before making an

announcement. The new series will use toy-based characters (Acroyear,

Baron Karza, etc...), but not the characters created by Marvel

(Marionette, Bug, Commander Rann) for their 1980's series.

Blaylock also made several announcements about G.I. Joe, Image's biggest

hit of the year. Among them:

story-arc commencing with issue #6.

titled GI Joe: Battlefiles beginning in April, 2002. This will be a

"who's who" of the Joes, with issue one focusing on the Joes, issue two

on Cobra, and issue 3 on vehicles and tech.

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