Mickey Rourke Praises Script For <I>Sin City: A Dame to Kill For</i>

Mickey Rourke is always good for a soundbite or two. When Vulture caught up with the actor at the premiere of Black November, his new film with 9 1/2 Weeks co-star Kim Basinger, they got him to say a few things about Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and even a bit about The Expendables 3.

The actor admitted to not being a big fan of the prosthetics he wore in Sin City to portray bruiser Marv, saying, "They make me feel claustrophobic." Rourke implied he hasn't finalized his involvement in the sequel, but he's impressed with the script. "I actually liked the script better, much better, for this one," he said.

Rourke also put to rest rumors of his involvement in the planned third Expendables film, saying, "They're making shit up."

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For reunites co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller as well as several actors for a film based in part on the second volume of Miller’s acclaimed Dark Horse crime comic, as well as the short story “Just Another Saturday Night” and at least one new segment “The Long, Bad Night.” Recent reports state the film will start shooting in November for an Oct. 4, 2013 release.

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