Michel Gagné's 'Freaky Flora: From A to Z' in stores this May

Official Press Release

Bellingham, WA, February 2004 - Gagné International Press will release Michel Gagné's 11th hardcover book, Freaky Flora: From A to Z, in May 2004.

Michel Gagné, who founded Gagné International Press with his wife in 1998, is a four-time Annie Award nominated animator (The Iron Giant, Star Wars: Clone Wars) as well as the creator of quirky art books (Insanely Twisted Rabbits), storybooks (The Towers of Numar), and comics (ZED).

The latest addition to Gagné's ever growing line of bizarre and unusual books is described as a twisted delight for nature lovers. Gagné got the idea for the book in 2001 while making Frenzied Fauna: From A to Z. "Initially, I was going to make an alphabet book that had both animals and plants. It was going to be titled Frenzied Fauna and Freaky Flora: From A to Z," Gagné said. "Eventually, I dropped the plant concept out of the first book and just focused on animals. Freaky Flora was shelved for a couple of years. The idea was re-ignited last year while taking a hike in the woods. Nature is so weird and inspiring. It's a great springboard for my creativity. I think fans will get a real kick out of this one."

Freaky Flora: From A to Z will solicit through Diamond in the book section of March's Previews. The 32 pages, full-color hardcover book will retail at $14.95.

For more information visit www.gagneint.com.

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