Michael Turner's Health Delays "Soulfire" #8

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Michael Turner and Aspen Comics regretfully announce the release date of Soulfire #8 will temporarily be postponed due to Turner's recurring health complications. Originally scheduled for a March 19th release, Soulfire #8 will be now be delayed until Turner is able to fully complete the entire series, which he is in currently in the process of finishing. Turner himself explains the delay:

"I want to express my apologies to the fans and retailers who've stuck by me throughout this arduous Soulfire run and the many delays on the book's release. The past several months have honestly been incredibly painful to me not only physically, but also mentally trying to finish up the last few issues in the series and meet our return ship date. Towards the end of last year after completing my commitment to Marvel for a run of their covers, I dove right back into the Soulfire work, completely ready to get everything finished up in time for the big return and finale. At the time we announced the books return date, I had believed many of my health issues to be behind me, but unfortunately the pain in my leg and hip came back strong and fast. It became time again for me to address the situation before something worse happened. I'm closing in on an 8 year battle with my cancer and I know I'll beat this eventually, I'm just backed into a corner right now and need to fight my way back out again. Unfortunately, the Soulfire schedule takes the hits too."

In early January of this year, Turner sought over three weeks of specialized treatment outside of the country for the returning pain in his leg, and has since been in recovery from the procedure. With the extremely difficult recovery period taking its toll on both his body as well as his schedule, it's been extremely difficulty for Turner to finish the last remaining pages of Soulfire, and as such, the decision had to made to temporarily delay the release. However, Michael Turner and Aspen Comics are committed to delivering volume one of Soulfire and will be issuing a new release date for issue eight and subsequent issues soon.

Frank Mastromauro, Aspen's Executive Vice President and close friend of Turner said, "The past several months have definitely been difficult. From a business standpoint, we of course want to release Soulfire and have it completed not just for the fans and retailers, but for us here too. Aside from the monetary reasons, it was our first announced title as a company and we're all excited to see it finished up and on the shelves. Mike wants this more than anyone. But from a friend standpoint, seeing Mike in pain every day, not being able to sit and draw, drive into the studio, or just be a part of our daily activities and having fun again, really hurts everyone. We never want to pressure him into doing work when he isn't able to, yet he still tries and does the best he can for us and the company. I've never met a stronger person in my life."

Even though Soulfire is being delayed again, the wait should hopefully not be a long one.

"I'm going as fast as my body lets me," says Turner. "My goal is to go at a steady pace and try to get a couple of pages done each week. Some days are good for me, and some are not. I'll just need to deal with those as they come and stay on track. Thankfully, the pages are turning out well and I'm excited for everyone to check out all of the new things I've been putting into the book. I want to make sure it's worth the wait for everyone."

Aspen will be releasing the first 6 pages of Soulfire #8 in their Free Comic Book Day issue Worlds of Aspen #3 coming out on Saturday, May 3rd. The complete Soulfire #8 issue is expected around the same time frame, with announcements for the release dates of issues #9 and #10 following shortly after.

Fans can also expect the release of Soulfire: Volume 2 immediately following the conclusion of Turner's run. Soulfire: Volume 2, by the team of J.T. Krul, Marcus To and Beth Sotelo, will launch with a guaranteed ship date, and Aspen has confirmed that several issues of the upcoming series are already completed. Look for an in depth press release on the new series along with a special sneak preview coming soon.

For more information on Soulfire and other Aspen Comics, please visit www.AspenComics.com or email press@aspencomics.com.

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