The San Diego Comic-Con International will be the world-premiere site for the return of the highly-anticipated Michael Turner's Fathom: Volume 3 with the release of Fathom #1 at the Aspen Comics Booth #2321. Fathom: Volume 3 is written by J.T. Krul featuring art by Ale Garza, Sal Regla, and John Starr. To celebrate the launch of Fathom: Volume 3, Aspen is offering two exclusive covers to issue one including a very special cover paying tribute to Aspen's late founder Michael Turner. To commemorate the Turner Tribute Cover, Aspen will be releasing Fathom: Volume 3 #1 two weeks earlier than the guaranteed in-store release date of August 6th.

In addition to the Michael Turner Tribute cover which is limited to 3000 copies, Aspen will also be offering an exclusive Fathom #1 San Diego Comic-Con cover by series artist Ale Garza limited to 1500 copies. Both covers will be available for purchase exclusively at the Aspen Comics Booth #2321.

In addition to Fathom: Volume 3 #1 and all the latest Aspen convention-exclusive books from this past con season, Aspen will also be offering an all new line of their signature Aspen Prints featuring the hottest images from the Aspen Universe, as well as the latest version of the 2008 Aspen Tour Print--all available only at the Aspen Comics Booth.

Aspen will be offering a host of signings throughout the weekend featuring Ale Garza, Peter Steigerwald, Micah Gunnell, J.T. Krul, John Starr, Beth Sotelo, and many more artists and creators. Please stop by the Aspen Booth #2321 for full details on all of Aspen's signings throughout the weekend. The Aspen Comics Panel is scheduled for Saturday, July 26th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm in Room 2 and will detail all of Aspen's plans for 2008 and beyond. Aspen creators and artists will also preview upcoming titles and answer questions from fans in attendance.

To celebrate and honor Michael Turner, Aspen Comics will be hosting a very special tribute to the late creator and artist on Sunday in room 5AB from 1:00-2:30pm. A wide assortment of artists, creators, family and friends of Michael will be in attendance to pay respect to Turner's life and career both in and out of comics. Aspen is planning a very special remembrance of Turner and will feature an introspective personal look into Turner's life. Aspen highly encourages anyone wishing to pay their respects to Michael Turner and his family to attend this special event.

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