Michael Turner Teams Up With Micah Gunnell For A Double Dosage of Covers for Aspen's "Shrugged" #2

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Aspen MLT, Inc. has released a special Michael Turner variant cover for the second issue of their new psychological adventure series Shrugged. The Shrugged #2 Michael Turner variant cover featuring Kiori will be a 1/25 exclusive along with the regular cover by series artists Micah Gunnell, Jason Gorder, and Beth Sotelo.

Shrugged is Aspen Comic's newest mini-series written by Michael Turner and Frank Mastromauro. The series centers around a young teenager named Theo, who's forced to deal with the pressures of adolescence, high school, and the two voices perched atop his shoulders Ange and Dev. Guiding his every decision, Ange and Dev also come to realize their choices and actions are not merely isolated to their own otherworldly homeland of Perspecta. That's when the real fun begins! Acclaimed novelist and Identity Crisis and JLA writer Brad Meltzer had this to say about Aspen's new series Shrugged:

"All those little voices you hear in your head? They're real. And they're armed. And one is even pretty. Shrugged isn't just inventive--it's true comic fun."

Shrugged #2 (MAY062896) will be in comic book stores July 26th. If you haven't jumped onboard the adventure series Shrugged yet, you can still catch up with Shrugged Beginnings (FEB062867), Shrugged #0 (MAR062973), and Shrugged #1 (APR062952) along with other new Aspen MLT, Inc. products still available at comic book stores and through the Aspenstore.com.

Still Available for Reorder:

Shrugged Beginnings (FEB062867)

Shrugged #0 (MAR062973)

Shrugged #1 (APR062952)


Shrugged #2 (MAY062896)

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