Michael Turner launches new publishing company, Aspen MLT Inc.

[Aspen Comics]Marina Del Rey, CA (3-25-03) June 2003 marks the debut of Michael Turner's new publishing endeavor Aspen MLT Inc. A fully recognized publishing and entertainment company, Aspen is comprised of several of the industries top artists, writers, and creators, aiming to become one of the leading comic bookpublishers in the industry. Heading the charge is Turner himself, releasing whatcould possibly be his last fully illustrated Fathom story, and following that upwith the launch of his newest creator owned title this coming August.

"Starting this company was one of the best decisions of my life," statedTurner. "It's been so exciting because the response to our upcoming booksand products has been pretty unbelievable. It's one of the greatestfeelings, which really helps fuel my creative fire, ensuring everything Idraw and produce gets better each and every day." When asked about hisupcoming projects, Turner had this to say, "I feel like a kid at a candystore knowing that both Jeph Loeb and Geoff Johns will be working with me onmy upcoming titles. Each one of those guys brings such a tremendous talentwith them, I wish I was able to draw both books at the same time!"

With a contest in Wizard Magazine currently under way to determine which newtitle Turner draws first, Dragonfly: Soulfire or Ekos, fans will be able to get a smalltaste of both offerings within the pages of Michael Turner Presents: Aspen #1.Making its premiere this month in the April 2003 Previews catalog from Diamond,Aspen #1 features Michael Turner's long awaited return to Fathom plus extensivecoverage on Dragonfly: Soulfire, Ekos, and the world of Aspen MLT Inc. Alongwith Aspen #1, fans can also get their hands on the first ever AspenMatthews bust, also available in the April 2003 Previews. Make sure to lookfor more new releases, products and news each and every month in the pagesof Previews from Aspen MLT Inc.

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