Michael Turner covers 'Violent Messiahs' for ACTOR

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[Violent Messiahs]Image Comics announced today that the first issue of VIOLENT MESSIAHS: LAMENTING PAIN will feature a special alternate cover by FATHOM artist Michael Turner and that proceeds from its sales will go to ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots). This stunning piece depicts VIOLENTMESSIAH's newest vigilante, Scalpel, bathed in eerie moonlight and awash in a sea of blood.

"Personally speaking, VIOLENT MESSIAHS has been one of my favorite books right from the get-go, so I'm very happy we could do a fundraiser in conjunction with the title," said ACTOR President Jim McLauchlin. "It's also great to link up talented creators such as Michael Turner and Peter Stiegerwald with the VM crew, and expand everyone's circle of friends. I think Mike and Peter did a stunning job on this piece. I hope we sell a boatload of copies and raise a lot of dough for the cause."

"We have been staunch supporters of ACTOR since its inception, and VIOLENT MESSIAHS artist Tone Rodriguez has donated original art for each of their auctions in the past," added VIOLENT MESSIAHS editor Jan Utstein-O'Neill. "When Jim came to us with the idea of doing something special for VM: LAMENTING PAIN #1, we were more than happy to help. And, of course, working with artists of Michael and Peter's caliber only makes it sweeter."

Image Publisher/Vice-President Jim Valentino (who also sits on ACTOR's Board of Directors) added that Image is always eager to help promote ACTOR and its goals. "ACTOR is one of the most worthwhile charities in our industry's history. I'm very proud of the support it has received from the VM crew and others here at Image. This is a variant cover that everyone can and should support."

VIOLENT MESSIAHS: LAMENTING PAIN is available for order in the August issue of Diamond's Previews and will ship in September 2002. In the meantime, the long-awaited trade paperback collection of the first series VIOLENT MESSIAHS series, THE BOOK OF JOB, will be available in stores on July 3.

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