Michael Turner Covers "Superpowers"

There's no doubt that Dynamite Entertainment's upcoming "Superpowers" has people wondering, "What are they up to?" The series takes Golden Age superheroes now in the Public Domain and re-imagines them in a modern setting with new designs and concepts by superstar artist Alex Ross ("Kingdom Come," "Justice"). The project launches this December with a #0 issue that sees two interconnecting covers by Alex Ross, with the series proper beginning in January's "Superpowers" #1.

We've already spoken about the series with Alex Ross and scripter Jim Krueger, who'll be joined by artist Stephen Sadowski to bring these golden age heroes to life between Ross' covers, but there's one more high profile talent who'll lend his name to the project -- Michael Turner.

Turner will provide two covers for "Superpowers," and today CBR News debuts his variant cover for issue #1. Additionally, we've got a large selection of Sadowski's pencils from issue #0.

Michael Turner has worked with Dynamite previously, turning in covers for books like "Red Sonja," "Red Sonja/Spider-Man" and the upcoming "Mercs." "[Dynamite President] Nick Barrucci came in and wanted me to be involved in a couple of different projects with him," Michael Turner told CBR News. "One was the cover work for 'Superpowers,' and the other is a project yet to be announced that I'm working on as a designer, co-creator and co-owner with a really well known writer. So, it's an extension of my working relationship with Dynamite and anything to do with Alex Ross I'm all over. He's a good friend of mine and an incredibly talented guy, so it's very excited to be involved."

Turner drew The Black Terror for the issue #1 variant. "The way he was described to me was 'Batman meets a pirate meets the Punisher meets a bunch of other guys with capes,' which got me interested," said Turner. "I had a different design in mind, originally, that had The Black Terror in a city setting, but they didn't want buildings or certain angles I was working with. Alex liked a more straightforward shot versus an up-shot, and they wanted a more iconic, single character type of image instead of an action pose. In the end, I love how it turned out. [Colorist] Peter Steigerwald really styled me out with the glowing chest image.

"I've got one more cover to do which will feature six different characters for a later issue. I was working on it today and really like how it's coming together."

The following images are "Superpowers" interiors by Stephen Sadowski.

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