Michael Rosenbaum Wants to Write a Power Pack Movie

After making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Martinex in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, actor Michael Rosenbaum is setting his sights on one of the company's other properties.

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While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the Smallville veteran, who has a handful of writing and directing credits, was asked what Marvel project he'd like to write. His answer? Power Pack.

"I’d love to write Power Pack," Rosenbaum said. "It came out in the '80s … these young siblings get powers from an alien race right as their dad builds this planet-destroying weapon, which another alien race wants. It’s got that Spielberg/Stranger Things vibe. I could really take that concept and make it fresh."

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Fans might recall that in 2007, Marvel had plans to make a Power Pack film. Long before that, in 1991, there was an attempt to develop a TV series based on the comic, but only the pilot aired.

However, with Marvel Television continuing to expand its slate with projects such as Cloak & Dagger, The Runaways and New Warriors -- all of which skew toward a younger demographic -- it's certainly possible we could see Power Pack.

Rosenbaum, who clearly has a love of the source material, wrote and directed the 2014 film Back in the Day.

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