Michael Myers' Official Kill Count in Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Halloween, in theaters now.

In the gory subgenre of slasher movies, antagonists can stand out with the number and creativity of their kills. Because, in a good slasher film, the tension comes from the monster remaining seemingly indestructible while it hunts the remaining characters. Killing a busload of people is shorthand for how relentless, and dangerous, the villain is.

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Michael Myers does a pretty well for himself in the new Halloween, with his kills both varied and plentiful. However, some of the most brutal take place off-screen, which may lead viewers to wonder just how many people he kills in the film.

The Official Halloween Kill Count

Halloween 2018

Michael’s first kills come when he’s being transported by bus to a new prison. The bus driver doesn’t die onscreen, and his body isn’t showcased like so many of the other corpses. But we do learn from Dr. Sartain that Michael overpowered the bus guard and the bus driver, causing the fatal crash that set him free. It’s safe to assume the driver either died in the crash or was murdered shortly thereafter. The same goes for the bus guard, who at least tries to warn Michael's next victims before he dies.

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The hunter and his son are next, having the bad luck to stumble upon the crash. The hunter looks for survivors, and finds Michael. While his death occurs off-screen, we see the results of it when Officer Hawkins arrives later. Michael has broken his neck so badly that it appears more warped than snapped. His son tries to escape and call the police, but Michael cleanly snaps his neck. That also means Michael’s first on-screen kill in this film is a child.

Director David Gordon Green ratchets up the tension at a gas station for the next four kills. While one-half of the podcaster duo, Dana, uses the restroom, Aaron finds the corpses of the attendant (whose jaw is ripped open) and a mechanic (who's been bashed to death with a hammer). Michael attacks Dana, and Aaron (to his credit) does his best to save her. For his troubles, Michael slams him face-first into a wall and a bathroom stall, leaving him bleeding out and concussed. Michael then finishes off Dana, strangling her.

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