Michael Madsen Is <i>Infected</i>

The erstwhile Victor Vega is used to chopping off ears, but when it comes to his upcoming role as a zombie killer, he might want to think about lobbing off the whole head.

Michael Madsen — he of Reservoir Dogs and the Kill Bill films, among other projects — is targeting the living dead for his next role in Infected, an independent zombie thriller from Verdi-Corrente Productions and director Glenn Ciano. Filming begins in October.

Infected centers on a father and son fighting to survive a hellish viral outbreak. As the film's headlining actor, one would imagine that Madsen is playing the father. But it's always possible that he's playing the grand master of all zombies.

Regardless, with Madsen involved, crazy amounts of badassery and hilarious one-liners are sure to come when Infected rolls around. When can I buy my tickes?

Source: Variety

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