Michael Lunsford steps out with Eilis of the Underground

Although I don't have the figures to back it up, I'd imagine there's more new titles released each week in webcomics than in traditional print comics. And you can add one more promising entry to your pullbox/RSS Feed: Michael Lunsford's Eilis of the Underground.

Launched Thursday, Eilis of the Underground follows a young woman with elvish ears named Eilis who's trying to carve out a life for herself as part of an underclass living in a world where green-skinned horned people rule the roost.

Just one page has been released so far, depicting Eilis posting up flyers in the old wheat-paste fashion looking for work as a private investigator. It seems to be setting itself up as an interesting fantasy version of the mid-'90s movie White Man's Burden, showing a fair-skinned person on the unusual side of being persecuted for her race.

Lunsford is no webcomics newcomer. Since 2009 he's been doing the twice-weekly series Supernormal Step, which is worth checking out. In it, a young woman named Fiona is transported to a weird alternate Earth with magic, monsters and futuristic technology. It's like a supernatural sitcom, with an unlimited creature effects budget.

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