Michael Kupperman's rejected <i>New Yorker</i> comics

Eustace Tilley's loss is our gain! Michael Kupperman, writer/artist of Tales Designed to Thrizzle and Twitterer extraordinaire, has posted a slew of comics that didn't quite make it into the pages of The New Yorker.

His submissions, which can be viewed on his Twitpic account, include a look at Microscopic Goings-On About Town, Pigeons in Film, Slightly Cursed Merchandise, Other Species' Currency, and the eternal question seen here, How Much Do You Know About Your Mutual Fund Manager? And because he's that kinda guy, Kupperman has even shared a pair of strips that actually wound up in the mag.

Kupperman's trip down memory lane was prompted by a request from The New Yorker to pitch them some comics again. The problem there, he tweeted, was that "after years of working for them and other magazines like them, I am in the wrong income bracket to adopt their worldview/sense of humor." Here's hoping that at some point soon, the likes of Hendrik Hertzberg and David Denby will once again be guarded by McGritte the Surrealist Crime Dog.

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