Michael Kupperman At ROCKETSHIP October 25th

Official Press Release

This Friday, October 25th, at 8 pm, ROCKETSHIP is proud to host the realese party for TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE #3.

Cartoonist Michael Kupperman will be on hand to sign said funnybook, and beer and wine will be available to those individuals 21 years of age and older.

Anyone familiar with TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE (and it's predecessor, SNAKE AND BACON's CARTOON CABARET) is aware that Mssr. Kupperman is very likely the FUNNIEST MAN ALIVE, and should be required to wear a nametag and/or ballcap that states as much. So join us as we launch his latest endeavor, sure to put a smile on even the most surly individuals.

Rocketship is located between Baltic and Butler on Smith street. As always, information on our latest and forthcoming events can be found at www.rocketshipstore.blogspot.com.

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