Michael Keaton Revisits Batman and Beetlejuice on "Saturday Night Live"

Michael Keaton returned to host "Saturday Night Live" this weekend for the first time since 1992. Though the actor admitted a lot has changed since then, some of the "SNL" cast members still held tight to treasured memories of Keaton from even before that time.

Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam interrupted Keaton's opening monologue to beg the him to revisit two of his most iconic characters: Batman and Beetlejuice. But when a personalized song routine couldn't convince Keaton to re-don the cape or green wig, the pair had to resort to some cheap digital tricks. Though he didn't go full Bat or Ghost with the Most, Keaton did deliver just a tease of his classic creations by uttering their most famous lines.

Watch it all below.

Later in the program, The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus made a surprise appearance during "Weekend Update". Pete Davidson was on to discuss how his drug habits affected his perception of the AMC show's season finale, and Daryl Dixon showed up to save anchor Colin Jost from what he assumed was a walker attack.

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