Michael Keaton Joins RoboCop As Villainous Omnicorp CEO

Between an incredibly negative script review and reports that his ideas are not being received by MGM, Jose Padilha seems to be having some trouble with his RoboCop remake. The director also had to deal with another obstacle -- the recent departure of Hugh Laurie, who had been pegged to play the film's primary antagonist Omnicorp CEO Raymond Sellars.

However, Deadline reports that last hurdle has been overcome, with Michael Keaton now stepping into the role.

“Michael is the final addition to the amazing cast we have assembled for this film and it is so great to have the last puzzle piece in place," Padilha told the website. "It is thrilling that everything has come together to bring this innovative new vision of RoboCop to life. We’ve got a great script, a great cast, some killer ED-209’s and I can’t wait to get Alex Murphy back on the streets."

RoboCop also includes stars Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish, Kenneth Michael Williams, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Jay Baruchel and Jackie Earle Haley. Filming starts next month for an August 2013 release.

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