Michael Keaton Delivers a Batman-Approved Commencement Speech

In many fans' opinions, Michael Keaton is the definitive live-action Caped Crusader, having played the brooding DC Comics superhero in both 1989's Batman and its sequel, Batman Returns. However, while younger generations might not have the same appreciation for Keaton's take on the Dark Knight as longtime Bat-fans, that didn't stop the actor from delivering one of the character's most iconic lines for a group of college graduates.

Keaton greeted the class of 2018 while giving a commencement address at Kent State University's graduation ceremony. Then, in true Dark Knight fashion, he told the graduates that he had just two words for them: "I'm Batman!"

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While both Batman and Batman Returns were well-received, the franchise took a nosedive when director Tim Burton was replaced by Joel Schumacher for 1995's Batman Forever, which was panned by fans and critics alike. However, the final nail in the coffin came two years later with Batman & Robin, which then-Batman actor George Clooney said may very well have "killed the franchise."

Keaton's most recent foray into the superhero film genre was last year, when he played the villainous Adrian Toombs, aka The Vulture, in Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: Homecoming. By the film's conclusion, Toombs found himself locked up in prison after his epic last stand against the web-slinger, leaving the possibility for him to potentially return in one of the film's planned sequels.

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