Michael Golden To Make Rare Con Appearance In Baltimore

Official Press Release

It's true, in a rare convention appearance, artist/writer Michael Golden will be signing and sketching in artist's alley at the upcoming Baltimore Comic con this weekend.

Golden has a legion of fan followers that have been clamoring for him to attend conventions. He usually declines, preferring to stay in his studio and draw. An even greater number of artist's in the industry cite him as one of their influence. The "artists artist" as it were. Finally in response to requests from both corners, Golden has agreed to make a few choice convention stops, and Baltimore had to be on the short list.

Know for his detailed pencil work on "The 'Nam," "Micronauts," "G.I. Joe Yearbook," and "Dr. Strange #55, " among many more, Golden, modestly never says which is his own personal favorite. However, according to one art dealer, "Everybody in the business has ripped off something from "Dr. Strange #55." Michael himself admits that most artists that talk to him and say that he had an influence on their career, do single out that issue as well.

Other noteable milestones in Golden's career include the creation of "Bucky O'Hare" with Larry Hama, which led to an animated series and toy line designed by Michael. Vanguard Productions is currently planning a Manga version of the series to be released later this year. He is also the designer of the "Stick it to 'em' series from Eva Ink Toys.

As a cover artist, Golden has penciled everything from Batman and Captain America to Vampirella-- and "Virtually every character in the industry at some point or another. I'm the one they came to when they wanted one of those covers with a thousand characters on them," he laughs. (He still wants to draw Kirby's 4th World characters, though, if ever given the chance.)

Currently finishing the "Spartan X" series for Image comics, which he is also writing, and the presonal "Tunuki" project, Golden is becoming as well known for his writing as he is his artwork, with creations that stay as fresh and groundbreaking as ever.

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