Michael Golden Gets Cloned for Wizard Texas!

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Arlington--Imagine the celebration if that were only true! There would actually be enough of Golden to do all the cover and interior requests that have been coming down the pike this last year! ...But at least for one weekend, there will be enough of Michael's artwork to go around with events at both Wizard World Texas and the Big Apple National, both slated for November 16-18.

A featured guests of this years Wizard World Texas, Michael Golden will be on hand in artists alley at scheduled times to sign his new prints and art books, during this--his first appearance in Texas in decades!!

To mark the occasion, Wizard has asked Golden to conduct an exclusive Wizard School on Sunday, November 18th.

Known for his work on "The 'Nam," "Micronauts," "G.I. Joe," "Dr. Strange, "Batman," "Iron Man," "Nightwing," "Exiles," as well as "Manga Bucky O'Hare," Golden has offered classes tailored to various ages in places as diverse as Belgium, Spain and Canada. Often singled out as an inspiration for generations of artists, this will be the first time for him to offer any class in the United States.

In "The Basics of Storytelling with Michael Golden," join the artist as he discusses the evolution of his own penciling and storytelling style, while giving tips on how to recognize and understand the basics in the art of storytelling yourself. Bring your sequential art pages for review, as Michael will discuss work of some of those in the class as well.

"Michael Golden seems to be able to draw what ever he wants, and draw it very, very well....seemingly effortlessly. I love it," says Tim Sale, artist of "Batman: Long Halloween, and the Heroes Television show.

"Michael Golden makes you believe you are right there in the stories he draws," says Todd McFarlane.

Don't miss this opportunity for a sit down with one of the masters of storytelling at his first ever Wizard World Texas.

Meanwhile, get those frequent flyer miles ready! The much anticipated art book, "Excess:The Art of Michael Golden," from Vanguard Productions," will be taking center stage at the Big Apple National with a publication launch on November 16th. Signed copies of the volume will be available throughout the show via publisher David Spurlock and his Vanguard staff.

The 128 volume tome features an introduction by industry trendsetter, McFarlane, who cites Golden as one of his influences. Following this up are quotes from the likes of Jim Lee, Gene Ha and Art Adams, "Excess" also features text by writer Renee Witterstaetter with researcher Patricia Snodgrass, comprising a comprehensive look at the artist and his work.

Big Apple's The National Show is at the Penn Plaza Pavilion Nov. 16-18 where the new "Excess: The Art of Michael Golden" will be available throughout the weekend at the Vanguard booth. Michael Golden will be conducting his art class at Wizard World Texas in Arlington later in the weekend. Go to www.wizardworld.com for more details.

(For more information on Michael Golden, contact: www.evaink.com ; evaink@aol.com.)

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