Michael Golden Appears At Boston Comic Book Spectacular

Official Press Release

Supporting his local New England venues, Artist/writer Michael Golden, will be making a one-day appearance at the Boston Comic Book Spectacular on November 5th.

Know for his detail oriented rendering on The 'Nam, Micronauts, G.I. Joe Yearbook, “Howard the Duck” and Dr. Strange, among many, many more, Golden is on the comics scene in a big way, starting with new covers on “Iron Man” for Marvel, along with “Nightwing” covers for DC Comics, and a plethora of work from Wildstorm and Dynamic Entertainment, among others.

A groundbreaking artist, notable milestones in Golden's career includes work on practically every character in the comics lexicon as well as the creation of “Spartan X” with Jackie Chan, and the creation of Bucky O'Hare with Larry Hama. “Bucky” inspired an animated series and toy line designed by Michael and has just been optioned for a movie via Continuity Studios, while Vanguard Productions is currently planning a Manga version of the series to be released later this year. Eva Ink will put out the signed edition.

The Boston comic show since 1975, The Boston Comic Book Spectacular takes place on Nov. 5th, Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Boston Radisson Hotel; 200 Stuart St. 6th Floor, featuring over one million comic books from 1938-2006. Advanced tickets are available from monkeyhouse55@aol.com.

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