GAGNE International Press, is happy to report that Haven Distributors have added ZED, as well as Gagne's entire available library to their catalog.

GAGNE International Press was formed in 1998 by Michel Gagne and his wife, Nancy, with the publication of "A Search for Meaning: The Story of Rex".

Gagne has been publishing ZED since 2001, releasing one issue a year. Issue #9 was released last July. This slow release schedule coupled with pre-orders falling below the 1500 copies cut-off imposed by Diamond has resulted in ZED loosing distribution after issue #8. Thanks to Haven Distributors, comic book stores will now have access to all ZED issues on a permanent basis.

Gagne describes ZED as "a delightful yet unsettling tale of a cute little alien, who inadvertently causes the galaxy's worst disaster". The series has received excellent reviews from magazines and websites and has a growing cult-following.

Independent comics often have difficulty finding a place in a monopolized distribution system dominated by a few big publishers. Haven tries to remedy the situation by concentrating their efforts on small press titles many of them not carried by Diamond.

Lance Stahlberg, who founded Haven in 2008 when he acquired Cold Cut Distributions, explains, "The independent comics terrain is some of the toughest there is in the pop culture market for retailers as well as publishers. Part of what we are trying to do is make it easier for both sides to do business together."

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