Michael DeForge, 'Pope Hats' among 2013 Ignatz winners

Heidi at The Beat has posted the winners of the 2013 Ignatz Awards, which were announced at the Small Press Expo, or SPX, in Bethesda, Maryland last night.

The awards are named in honor of the brick-wielding mouse in George Herriman’s Krazy Kat comic strip. Nominees were selected by a panel of five cartoonists — this year it was Lisa Hanawalt, Dustin Harbin, Damien Jay, Sakura Maku and Jason Shiga — and then voted on by SPX attendees. The winners are bolded below:

Outstanding Artist

  • Lilli Carré, Heads or Tails
  • Michael DeForge, Lose #4
  • Miriam Katin, Letting It Go
  • Ulli Lust, Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life
  • Patrick McEown, Hair Shirt

Outstanding Anthology or Collection

  • Freddie Stories, Lynda Barry
  • Heads or Tails, Lille Carré
  • Peter Bagge’s Other Stuff, Peter Bagge
  • Stark #1, Tusen Hjartan
  • Very Casual, Michael DeForge

Outstanding Graphic Novel

  • The Property, Rutu Modan
  • Susceptible, Genevieve Castree
  • Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life, Ulli Lust
  • When David Lost His Voice, Judith Vanistendael
  • You’ll Never Know Vol. 3: A Soldier’s Heart, Carol Tyler

Outstanding Story

  • "Arid" (Secret Prison #7), Tom Hart
  • Birdseye Bristoe, Dan Zettwoch
  • "The Carnival" (Heads or Tails), Lilli Carre
  • Gold Star, John Martz
  • "Neighbors" (Stark #1), Joanna Hellgren

Promising New Talent

  • Sam Alden, Hawaii 1997 & Haunter
  • Nathan Bulmer, Eat More Bikes
  • Philippa Rice, Looking Out
  • Diana Thung, August Moon
  • Angie Wang, "The Teacup Tree" (Secret Prison #7)

Outstanding Series

  • The Hive, Charles Burns
  • Lose, Michael DeForge
  • Madtown High, Whit Taylor
  • Pope Hats, Ethan Rilly
  • Prison Pit, Johnny Ryan

Outstanding Comic

  • Hyperspeed to Nowhere, Lale Westvind
  • The Life Problem, Austin English
  • Looking Out, Philippa Rice
  • Pope Hats #3, Ethan Rilly
  • St. Owl’s Bay, Simon Hanselmann

Outstanding Minicomic

  • Il Cammino Delle Capre, Kris Mukai & Zachary Zezima
  • The End of the Fucking World #16, Charles Forsman
  • Hawaii 1997, Sam Alden
  • Layaway, Joseph Lambert
  • Powdered Milk Vol. 10: The Man Who Could Not Read, Keiler Roberts

Outstanding Online Comic

  • Bird Boy, Annie Szabla
  • Gabby’s Playhouse, Ken Dahl and Gabby Schulz
  • Haunter, Sam Alden
  • July Diary, Gabrielle Bell
  • SuperMutant Magic Academy, Jillian Tamaki

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