Michael Cho Returns to Marvel for "Civil War II" Variant Covers

Writer and artist Michael Cho, known for works including his 2014 graphic novel "Shoplifter," has made a splash at Marvel this month with 24 striking variant covers running on select titles. There's more in store for Cho at the publisher, as confirmed to CBR by Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso in this week's edition of Q&A column AXEL-IN-CHARGE, starting with a series of "Civil War II" variants.

"We're talking," Alonso told CBR when asked about the possibility of Cho writing a Marvel story in the future and/or drawing interior pages. "He's a tremendous artist. Every single one of his variant covers is poster-worthy. Every time I think I've found a favorite, I turn around and find a new favorite. The upcoming 'Ant-Man' and 'Howard the Duck' ones are off the hook. Plus, he'll be working on a series of new variants for 'Civil War II' so look for those later this year."

The first glimpse of "Civil War II" will be seen in a prelude story written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Jim Cheung, released as part of one of Marvel's two offerings on this year's Free Comic Book Day, May 7. A "Civil War II" #0 is also scheduled for release on May, by Bendis and artist Olivier Coipel.

The main "Civil War II" series, by Bendis and David Marquez, is set to begin in June and pit two teams of heroes against each other, led by Iron Man and Captain Marvel on opposing sides. "Captain America: Civil War," which takes inspiration from Marvel's 2006-2007 original "Civil War," is scheduled for release on May 6 from Marvel Studios.

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