Prominent Cosplay Photog Allegedly Admits to Using Changing Room Spycams

Cosplay photog michael benedict

Michael Benedict, a high-profile cosplay photographer, has reportedly admitted to filming people in changing rooms without their consent.

The revelations came to light earlier this week when, as Twin Galaxies noted, several individuals publicly claimed that he was filming people with spycams during their photo shoots.

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According to a post on the Cosplay Photographer Alliance Events Facebook group page, Benedict, who's based in Southern California, photographed people that he met through the group and filmed them, and potentially others, as they dressed without their knowledge. In that same post, the group also announced that Benedict would be banned from the group and its events immediately.

After the allegations were made public, a cosplayer posted screenshots from an alleged conversation with Benedict on Twitter. In screenshots of the conversation that were reposted on Twin Galaxies, the accused photographer seemingly confessed to placing the spycam, called his actions inexcusable, apologized for filming the cosplayers and asked for forgiveness.

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In the alleged conversation, Benedict also announced that he would be leaving the cosplay and photography community. Later on in the thread, another person claims that there were roughly 300 videos of people changing on the spycam that they found.

While Benedict has not yet released an official statement on the matter, his Twitter and Instagram pages were deleted in the wake of the allegations. According to posts on Facebook and Twitter, several cosplayers who were allegedly filmed are in the process of taking legal action against Benedict.

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