Transformers' Michael Bay Joins Robopocalypse Film as Director

Director Michael Bay has been tapped to helm the film adaptation of Robopocalypse, the 2011 best-selling sci-fi novel by Daniel H. Wilson.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bay is set to take over the directorial reins from Steven Spielberg, who originally planned on helming the adaptation as far back as 2010, prior even to the release of the novel. Spielberg will reportedly continue on as a producer on the film, which had been on hold since 2014.

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Chris Hemsworth, Anne Hathaway and Ben Whishaw had all previously been attached to the Spielberg adaptation, though it is unclear if they will be still be involved. Spielberg has worked with Bay as an executive producer on the Transformers franchise.

Wilson's novel follows a supremely intelligent A.I. named Archos R-14, who begins planning the eradication of all human civilization shortly after becoming self-aware and develops a cryptic ecology in which organic beings are merged with robot technology. Humans and freeborn robots wage war against Archos R-14 and the legion of robots under its control.

Production on Robopocalyse will not start until after Bay has completed his next project, 6 Underground, which is expected to release in the summer of 2019.

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