Michael Bay Actually Wants to Cut Lobo Movie's Budget


Director Michael Bay's involvement in a live-action Lobo movie may depend upon whether the budget can be slashed for the long-brewing Warner Bros. film.

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Following news that the Transformers director met with the studio about the project, featuring DC Comics’ ultra-violent intergalactic bounty hunter, The Hollywood Reporter has word that the current script calls for a budget of about $200 million. That figure is apparently more than either Bay or Warner Bros. is comfortable with. Bay's script notes have been passed along to screenwriter Jason Fuchs, in hopes that a rewrite can reduce production costs.

The website notes there have been no negotiations, or even an offer. But any progress with Bay will rely much upon Fuchs' next draft.

Although a request for a lower budget might seem unusual for Bay, known for such high-priced blockbusters as the Transformers franchise, he's also directed more modest fare like Pain & Gain ($60 million) and 13 Hours ($50 million).

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Created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, Lobo debuted in 1983’s Omega Men #3 as a self-centered villain with a penchant for mindless violence, but he gained popularity in the 1990s as a parody of Wolverine, Punisher and other anti-heroes.

Warner Bros. has had its eye on a Lobo live-action film for more than 15 years, with Guy Richie and Brad Peyton each attached to direct at different points since 2009. Lobo seemed to fall apart in 2013, when Dwayne Johnson dropped out of Peyton's version, only for the adaptation to spring back to life in March 2016, with the hiring of Fuchs (Wonder Woman).

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