Michael Bay Has No Regrets About 'Transformers'

"Sorry, I'm not sorry," is the gist of Michael Bay's latest Transformers: Age of Extinction update.

The filmmaker has taken to his blog to dispel the notion that he apologized for his previous Transformers films:

I did not ‘apologize’ for any Transformers movies. I did not say I shot the last three movies “less cool” than the new fourth installment. I was talking specifically about camera style and tone, of the first movie compared to how I shot the new installment with a very big scale, cinematic style. I was very specific in saying the first Transformers was shot in a ‘generic suburbia’ area, not trying to be cool with any cinematic flashes. I wanted it to feel like this could happen in any backyard in the United States.

According to Bay, Transformers: Age of Extinction has wrapped its five-and-a-half-month shoot, with the production team having just returned from Hong Kong and mainland China.

"It was an amazing experience, and I love the country," he added. "My cast was absolutely fantastic, and a very fun group to work with. We are working hard cutting the movie right now. I think the first piece comes out for the Super Bowl and a teaser right after that."

"And yes," he concludes, "I'm very excited about this new movie."

Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27, 2014.

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