Michael B. Jordan Co-Writing "North" With Nathan Edmondson For Dark Horse

After starring as Johnny Storm in "Fantastic Four," Michael B. Jordan is returning to the world of comics, this time as a writer. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Jordan will co-write a new spy series for Dark Horse Comics titled "North." Jordan's writing partner is Nathan Edmondson, a writer known for writing spy books at both Image ("Who Is Jake Ellis?") and Marvel ("Black Widow").

Joining Jordan and Edmondson for "North" are artists Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz, as well as colorist Bettie Breitweiser. THR's report states that two issues have been completed and that the project is also being created with an eye towards giving Jordan a project to produce for the big screen

"North" will follow the story of a soldier turned into a spy by a top-secret paramilitary program, a program that betrays him after a failed mission. After falling out with his creators, the spy will learn that he is "far more dangerous than even his betrayers realize."

Dark Horse Comics' "North" will arrive in 2016.

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