"Mice Templar" #1 Sold Out, Second Printing on its Way

Official Press Release

Despite a significant overprint, Michael Avon Oeming and Bryan J.L. Glass' MICE TEMPLAR #1 has sold out at the distribution level. A second printing featuring all-new cover art will arrive shortly.

I've dreamt of releasing this book for sixteen years now, said Oeming. In that time Bryan and I have developed years and years of stories. There are generations of the TEMPLAR for us to write about. This reception to the book confirms we'll be able to tell those tales. I couldn't be happier.

THE MICE TEMPLAR's first issue introduces readers to the Cricket's Glen, home of a young mouse, Karic, who is obsessed with the Templar. Decades before Karic was born the Templar were guardians of justice, sworn in allegiance to every denizen of the dark lands, to protect all, large and small, from any evil. While they survived this way for many years a civil war wiped them off the face of the Earth. However, when a mysterious stranger arrives it appears the Templar may still exist.

Priced at $3.99, the special 52-page MICE TEMPLAR #1 2nd printing (JUN078289) features an all-new cover goes on sale October 3rd.

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