Mezco's Harley Quinn Figure Has 30 Deadly Points of Articulation

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Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was one of the well-regarded performances in Warner Bros.’ “Suicide Squad,” and now you can take home the baseball-bat wielding psychopath with this newly announced Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective figurine.

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Mezco's figure faithfully depicts Robbie’s onscreen portrayal of Quinn, right down to the choker collar, spike bracelets and hot pants. Fighting crime as one of Gotham’s worst criminals can get a little chilly, though, so the figure also comes with Quinn’s “Property of Joker” jacket and “Daddy’s Little Monster” t-shirt. Ever the stylish accomplice, Quinn also sports her haute couture boots and studded belt. Finally, where would she be without her shoulder holster and accompanying revolver? Dead, probably—or at least not having nearly as much fun—so she’s got her gun, too.

The hand-painted figurine stands at 1:12 scale, about 16cm tall, and includes over 30 points of articulation. There are three head portraits—standard, laughing and mid-bubble gum bubble—and five interchangeable hand positions, including a pair of posing hands, a pair for baseball bat-wielding and a right hand designed to hold Quinn’s revolver. One you’ve got Harley in the best murder pose you can think of (boot on neck is a good place to start), hold onto it with an adjustable display post and accompanying case. 

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Mezco’s “Suicide Squad” Harley Quinn figure is currently available for preorder and will set you back $75. Orders look to start shipping between June and August of this year.

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