Mezco sets phasers on stunning with this 'Star Trek' Spock figure

I'll admit that I'm a little nostalgic for Mego's Star Trek action figures dolls, with their cloth uniforms and light-blue accessories. However, I'll also acknowledge that they don't hold a candle to this new One:12 Collective Spock figure from Mezco Toys.

Digitally modeled to create a likeness of the late Leonard Nimoy, the 6-inch figure features a fabric uniform (of course), interchangeable palms that will allow him to give the Vulcan salute, Vulcan mind meld and the Vulcan nerve pinch (among other gestures), a tricorder, a phase and a communicator with flip-up panel and, most importantly ... an alternate head with arched eyebrow.

Available for preorder for $70, the Spock figure will be released in April.

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