Warner Bros. Heads to Metropolis With New Live-Action Series

Metropolis TV

Warner Bros. Television will explore Metropolis in a new live-action series that will debut on the upcoming DC Comics-branded digital platform, already home to Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders and Warner Bros. Animation's Harley Quinn.

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Gotham executive producers John Stephens and Danny Cannon will head up Metropolis, which has already received a direct-to-series order for a 13-episode first season. Production is scheduled to begin later this year for a planned 2019 debut.

In a premise similar to Gotham's, Metropolis is set in DC's glimmering City of Tomorrow, before the arrival of Superman. The live-action drama will follow Lois Lane and, surprisingly, Lex Luthor as the investigate "fringe science," and expose the Metropolis' bizarre secrets.

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Famed as the home of the Man of Steel, the fictional city first appeared by name in 1939 in Action Comics #16. Although Superman co-creator Joe Shuster originally based its skyline on Toronto, where he lived as a child, later depictions of Metropolis borrowed greatly from New York City. A primary setting of Superman's comic book adventures, the city has appeared frequently in live-action, animation and video games. Metropolis was mentioned repeatedly during the first two seasons of Supergirl, and it was referenced more recently on the fourth season of Fox's Gotham.

Announced in April 2017, the DC-branded direct-to-consumer digital service is expected to launch later this year with the live-action Titans and the long-awaited third season of the animated Young Justice.

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