Metroid Prime's Meta Ridley Brought to Life as a High End Statue

First 4 Figures has revealed a brand-new collectible statue of Meta Ridley from Metroid Prime, available directly on the company's website for pre-order.

The statue, based on the reborn enhanced arch-foe in the Metroid games, is the first release in an intended series, the long-winded "Metroid Prime – Meta Ridley Resin Metroid Villains Statue line." Its dimensions are 37 inches high and 33 inches wide. It comes with glow-in-the-dark wings and an authentication card.

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First 4 uses a Pirate Data Logbook entry from Metroid Prime as background for Meta Ridley and as a partial character description.

"The reconstruction of Geoform 187, code-named Ridley, was recently completed," the description reads. "After his defeat on Zebes, Command ordered a number of metagenetic improvements for him. Though aggressive, we were able to implement these changes in a cycle. The metamorphosis was painful, but quite successful in the end. Early tests indicate a drastic increase in strength, mobility, and offensive capability. Cybernetic modules and armour plating have been added as well. We believe our creation, now called Meta Ridley, will become the mainstay of our security force, a job he will certainly relish."

There are 40 accompanying photos from multiple angles so prospective buyers can get a really good look at the statue before ordering one. After all, the piece could set you back, as it costs $599.99. Not only that but even if you order now, you won't receive it until 2020.

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Metroid Prime is part one in a sequel trilogy to Nintendo's popular Metroid series developed by Retro Studios and first released for the Game Cube in 2002. It is one of the top-selling games for that system, selling 1.49 million copies in America alone.

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